The Search For Security Is Over With Paxton Access Control

If you have been endlessly searching for “access control near me” to no avail, then today’s blog is for you. As the area’s largest provider of Paxton Access Control systems, Clear Link Systems has you covered.

Anyone that owns a commercial or large residential property can benefit from an access control system. This is a safe, cost-effective, scalable, and flexible way to allow employees (and even vendors) controlled access to your assets. A well-thought-out access control plan will eliminate the possibilities of unlocked doors and the potential intrusions that go along with them.

You may be wondering how it all works. While the interior workings are rather complex, what you see is the streamlined result of many years of technology. Depending on which system you choose, you may allow access via touchpad, key fobs, or proximity card readers. Those with access simply use their PIN number, fob, or card to gain entry. Some systems even allow you to specify users with a higher level of security clearance that can enter and exit restricted parts of your building.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of access control near me or you is that it eliminates the need to change locks or exhaust resources trying to retrieve keys kept by former employees. With a Paxton Access Control system, you can simply deactivate their device, so they no longer have access to any entry points.

With Clear Link Systems, you have plenty of options within the Paxton suite of products. These include Net2, which is controlled by a central command center. All of your doors and entryways are controlled by a single access point, and your system administrator can open doors, restrict access tokens, or even lock the building down at a moment’s notice. This is an excellent option in areas where security is paramount, such as healthcare facilities, large offices, and schools.

If you are a small business and have searched for “access control near me,” consider a standalone product. These work at individual doors, and they are accessed via a PIN, fob, or other token. Each unit is controlled separately, making this an ideal solution for storage units or small businesses with a handful of employees.

When it comes to building security, you have options. Contact Clear Link today for more information on these, and let our access control experts help you keep your assets safely behind locked doors.

Ask yourself: Who provides the best access control near me? The answer is clear. Clear Link Systems.

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