Web-Based Access Control Systems In Nashville

In the world of access control, you have options. On-site, cloud, or a hybrid of each in the form of web-based access control. But, why is a web-based system a good idea for a small business? Keep reading for insight. 

According to experts at Clear Link Systems, web-based access control offers the best of the digital age. Business owners can access their systems from anywhere in the world using IP protocols but their physical hardware remains in their care on site.

Web-based access control systems work similar to a remote desktop. Admins can log in from anywhere and control the system from a dedicated server. This allows system administrators to assign access levels at any time or deny entry to a specific building or location as necessary. A web-based system allows business owners and administrators to know who is entering and exiting their premises and when. The systems also provide insight into which door was used and if unauthorized access was attempted.

One of the biggest benefits of having a web-based access control system is that it does not require any special hardware. Business owners and other users can use a standard web browser to access the system and make changes.

Who needs web-based access control?

Many Nashville businesses can benefit from having a building control system in place. Small and medium-sized enterprises with few staff members and a limited IT department may work best with this service, which is not subscription-based and only requires one-time installation. 

What if the internet goes out?

One of the biggest concerns many small business owners have using a physical server is the possibility for building breaches in case of an internet outage. Fortunately, a web-based system can continue to operate without an online connection. Software changes won’t be available, but the system will continue to secure the premises.

What are some access control considerations?

Businesses looking to implement new security technology should start by evaluating their needs. Next, budget and then the desire for a physical credential, such as a password, biometric security, or card system. Some systems can operate using RFID technology that utilizes people’s smart devices for entry.

Clear Link Systems offers web-based access control systems to businesses throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee. For more information, contact us online or call for personal assistance.

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