What Happens If There Is No Access Control?

What happens if there’s no access control? A business’s risk of vandalism, theft, and data compromise increases significantly.

If you’ve been looking at access control systems for your Nashville, TN, business, there’s no time like the present to make a decision. While we like to think of Music City as the small town it once was, the truth is that we are growing, and we no longer live in a “keep your door unlocked” environment.

Today, we take a look at what happens if there’s no access control and the potential ramifications of not implementing this important step toward security. 


Vulnerability To Theft And Burglary

Businesses that don’t install access control systems open themselves up to greater vulnerability from thieves wishing to take things that don’t belong to them. Without the right access restrictions, unauthorized individuals can gain entry into restricted areas, such as server rooms, which compromises your valuable assets. Failure to add control mechanisms in storage rooms, warehouses, and more leaves your equipment open to sticky fingers and your sensitive data an open book for prying eyes.

Vandalism And Sabotage

Access control systems in Nashville, TN, can prevent your business from being vandalized or intentionally sabotaged. When you don’t have the systems in place, you become an easy target for malicious activities or even just bored teenagers looking for something to get into. Not having an access control system in place leaves your doors wide open for property damage and equipment tampering that can affect your bottom line or, even worse, put your employees in danger.

Compromised Security And Privacy

As a business, you likely store tons of sensitive data. This might include everything from customer information to financial records and intellectual property. When you don’t add access control systems, all of this becomes at risk. In addition to physical access control systems, such as alarms and cameras, many Nashville businesses can benefit from having digital controls in place that restrict access to networks, databases, servers, email accounts, and more.

Unauthorized Entry And Activities

Without having some form of access control systems in place, your business can be a revolving doorway for unauthorized entry and even unauthorized or illegal activities performed by your employees. Having the systems in place allows you to know who’s coming, who’s going, and who came but never left.

Workplace Safety

The most important reason to have an access control and security system in your business is to protect your employees. Unfortunately, we live in a world where disgruntled employees often enter their old workplaces with the intent to cause harm. Having access control means that you can quickly and easily take these people’s credentials away so that it becomes exponentially more difficult to enter with the intent to harm your current staff.


Anytime someone gets hurt on your property, you potentially face a liability suit that can put your business in dire financial straits. Having an access control system in place can help you fight claims of negligence. Your cameras, for example, can easily show if you are at fault for an accident that took place on your property.

As a business owner, you owe it to yourself and your employees to understand the types of access control systems available. Contact Clear Link Systems today for more information and to see how access control can keep you from experiencing everything from unauthorized entry to vandalism and compromised employee safety.

Clear Link Systems is a Nashville-based access control and security solutions provider. With more than 3000 systems installed and nearly two centuries of combined experience in A/V security, low-voltage wiring, and electrical installation, our team is fully equipped to handle business security solutions, both big and small. Our mission is to ensure the safety and security of our clients in an ever-changing technology climate while staying true to our southern roots and providing unparalleled customer service. Whether you’re looking for key card access or a CCTV setup, we’ve got you covered.

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